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About Us

Our history goes back to 2018 when an idea of revolutionising meme culture in Bihar germinated in our minds which led us to create a Facebook page “बिहार राज्य मेमे प्राधिकरण”. The page got viral in the record time of 4 days. People loved the concept and started contributing their bit towards the meme content exclusively curated for Bihar. We found it pertinent to create a community around this regional meme culture and hence a Facebook group named “बिहारी मेमे कारखाना” was created in 2019 and to our surprise, we had 70k members in no time.

With the growing family, we received various demands regarding curating regional specific merchandise. Although this segment was already operational but was not strong enough to create a bond with the consumer. This was the genesis of Bihari Karkhana. We took it as a responsibility to curate Bihar specific merchandise which would invoke pride when the people of Bihar wear it. We have tried to include all those elements in our products that will instantly attract emotional connection from any Bihari.
Thus we are truly – by Bihari, for Bihari.